Life is a journey and on that journey we all must make decisions about what we believe about religion, God, and the world around us.  This blog is a story about my journey, the decisions I’ve made, and the reasons I’ve made them.  It is also about my daily thoughts and meditations.  I hope you enjoy reading and hope you gain something from this blog , as we’re all here to help each other.  Yours in Truth and life,  Rhonda.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. My curiosity to discover religion made me study Theology. The truth has remained untold but man’s insatiable longing to uncover more and more has led to the search for truth.
    Nice meeting you, we have one thing in common.


    1. The word says seek and you will find. The mistake I’ve made many times is to seek in the wrong places like certain denominations who want to indoctrinate you. If we just go to the Word we will find all we need to know. Nice meeting you.

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