Proverbs for today: 24:3&4

I have been reading and rereading this chapter for a couple of weeks.  What stands out today is proverbs 3 and 4 of chapter 24.  Through wisdom is an house builded and by understanding it is established:  And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

I ran into a man a couple of weeks ago at one of those antique stores that had all the different booths and he was telling me how he had 7 booths there and plus a warehouse full of more antique stuff he couldn’t put on the floor.  I said my goodness where did you get all the money for that.  He said he was a banker.  Then he asked me what I did and I told him I make quilts and rugs, but that I also collected a pension and how some people told me I would never get it but I tried anyway and got it thanks to God.  Then he wanted to argue and said he got everything himself, God never helped him with anything.  I said well then you better thank him for your good health because of that you were able to be a banker and do what you do now.  Everything comes from God.  I can’t believe that someone will actually stand there and say they did it all themselves when God created the air we breathe.

Then when I think of the home being built.  You can tell what kind of marriage your going to have if you pay close attention to how they act beforehand.  The first guy I was engaged to brought a box full of photos of girls he had dumped and indicated that he falls out of love a lot.  That should have been an indication to run plus telling me to shut up when I barely said anything to begin with.  Such a rude person I should have walked away from before I got attached.  He ended up getting a photo of me and I went into the box too. I guess I fell in love with his looks.  But good looks do not make a good marriage.  I think when it comes to marriage to take as much time as needed to be sure you know the person well and make sure they are the person God meant for you to have.  Run from some n e who wants to rush you into a marriage before you have a chance to know them.  Plus I think it would be good to do a complete study on marriage before entering into the covenant.  The law has changed in the new Covent and people need to study and make sure it is right for them to marry.


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