Proverbs for today… Proverbs 24:1+2

“Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them. For their heart studieth destruction and their lips talk of mischief. ”

This reminds me when we lived in the ghetto and my husband had me shut up in a travel trailer with the children for four years. And there was this man who kept coming by when Robert was at work yelling at me. He was real big and real loud and angry especially if any one talked to his children and all he talked about was the f word. As I was walking by his house one day he invited me to a barbeque and it was the worse thing I could have done. He was up to no good only wanted to trick me. This man for sure had devils in him and that is one of the reasons I avoid handshakes nowadays. He was an evil man, so evil that it was best not to touch him. I had to pray the evil spirits out of me and at least one of my children when we got home. Lesson learned hope to never have to be repeated.


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