Learning to simplify life : a home Sweeter Home challenge


When I take on the task of making my home a Sweeter Home I take on more challenges:

  1.  Learning to live more simply.
  2. Learning to make space for other people besides myself.
  3. learning to compromise

Lets take on the task of simplicity.  Sometimes I just feel overwhealmed.  I walk into my living room and I just want to avoid it…..just head straight for the bed and bury myself or just head back out the door.  Home should not make me feel that way!

What do I really need?  Although these things provide comfort from the loss of my family shouldn’t I let Jesus be that comfort?  So here’s the challenge:  letting go of the stuff that is overwhealming my life.

What *do* I really need?  More does not mean happiness.  It’s making me weary….so here are the questions I need to ask myself:

  1.  What truly matters to me?  I can honestly say with my children gone and no grandchildren in sight Ive truly missed out on everything important in life.  I always wanted to share my life with people.  From early on in life I wanted a hopechest.  I never wanted to be in a one room apartment with a large accumulation of fabric and yarn and material things.  My x and his horrible mother shout complaints about me if I leave my prison cell,  they want me alone and invisible, others want me to just stay away and if this is all God wanted for me I truly wish I would have died before I ever entered this horrible world.
  2. How is my life too complex and cluttered?  Before I take in a puppy or a child or any other living thing I need to evaluate my surroundings and be honest with myself and ask myself how is my life too complex and cluttered?
  3. What do I want in my home life that I don’t have now?  My answer is people.  I’m tired if the mess I’m tired if the things.  I want living breathing people.  And I want a few other living things/creatures to enjoy:  a new baby be it a foster child, adopted child, or my own through birth it matters not.  Plants to beautify my home:  I never had s green thumb plants take work everything in life worth having takes work;  even a glass dish just sitting on a shelf  has to be dusted.
  4. How can I live life more simply and meaningfully?  Well I could start packing and start making a pile of things I haven’t used or won’t ever use or it will be along time before I do use .  They’re some great decluttering groups on Facebook.  One ive heard about is destash.  I heard about it from another person on Facebook.  They pay you through PayPal.  Another is a garage sale group here on Facebook that operates here in Denton.
  5. Something else I can do is to not take on too much.  Already I have s job working for people ready.  There is more than enough work.  On top of that I have a huge talent with fiber arts.  And I want to make time for the works of my hands.  Some people wait their entire lives and never do what they enjoy the most.  I read about one woman who bought her self her freedom by the works of her hands…..she made quilts and bought herself her own freedom.  I’ll look her up and write an article about her.  Also, if Im going to go to school I need time to do this.

When is enough enough?

Less *is* more is as true today as it’s always been.  The Bible says “Sufficient into the day is the evil thereof.”   I need to let go of things not people.  I need to create a quiet space of rest that invites one to “be still and know that I am God.”

Knowing enough:  awe the accumulation of knowledge isn’t that what attracted Eve?  Some people God does have a greater calling on like Joseph and Moses and David but others he desires a more simple less educated path.  Let us seek the Lord and enquire what he’d have us to do. Isn’t that what Paul did on the way to Damascus?

Loving enough

We can keep finding someone new and when the going gets rough run, or we can select wisely and stay put, knowing that no relationship runs smoothly all the time.  But we live in a throw it away society….disposable diapers, containers fill our land fill sights.  I don’t know how many times Mom has gone to the dumpster to find someone has thrown away brand new clothing!  People do the same thing to people, people literally putting new born babies in  dumpsters!  …………..

Which is why I love the song “Grandpa, tell me bout’ the good old days.”     And I live in a day when men just don’t appreciate a good woman anymore.  They are too busy seeing how many they can “get” before they decide to settle down.  I hate living in this generation!  We have a country of mad women on medication mad children on medication if they *do* escape abortion and a country on the brink of destruction if they don’t stop it.

Having enough

Our culture tells us that more means happiness, but it’s not true. I know of a man who had the money to change himself into a woman and he may have already done it and he *has* everything this world could offer except ❤️.  He’s decided to live the perverted lifestyle and not be a man.  He has a huge house….maybe more than 5,000 square feet and probably real nice cars but he lives alone.  Could there be a reason he kept inviting my brother in law over to remodel his house……and it was never going to end?  It’s possible that he was that lonely.

Working enough we’ve already talked about that.  God gave us one day to rest for a reason.  Why have a family why have anything if we are not going to be there to enjoy it?  We can live to work and work to live, and coming from the perspective of a woman who had to do it all many times 7 days a week …..we need a break too.

Doing enough

I would say when it comes to church ministry pick one area and do it well, concentrate on it and do your best.  In the past I used to devote my whole weekend to the bus ministry.  Now I devote my time to the Jews and the homeless. When I was a college kid there was nothing more wonderful than having a bunch of bus kids crawl all over you and call you “Miss Rhonda.”

Right now I don’t need much more in my life than what I have right now which is ministering to the homeless and poor, and going to the Jews.  It’s ok.  I don’t have to do everything.  And when I speak of the Jews I talk of my own family first, which reminds me I need to go see my boys.










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