Memories of Grandma

Grandma was the Godliest woman I have ever known, and if it wasn’t for her I would have had no pleasant memories about my childhood.

I’d wake up in the morning to the smell of bacon cooking and she’d say, “Well look who woke up.”  I and Grandma slept on the right side of our duplex and Mom and Rebecca slept on the other.  It was a small duplex in North side of Ft. Worth that is now a little Mexico.  There were two bedrooms on each side and I think a small room at the back on the right side.  Grandady Blue slept in a room on our side.  He was always sick and in that bedroom and would only get up to eat or on one instance to whip me with a belt for crying.  (I was crying over my guitar….Grandma hid my guiata.)

She wore a dress…she came from the era where all the women wore dresses and hats with gloves and purses that matched.  Grandma had big feet.  One foot was like a size 11 and the other about a 13.  That’s weird.  She had an accident when she was little.  She fell out of a swing and dislocated or did somethin to her hip.  I’m not sure what the doctors did .  I think the hip might have been partially dislocated and they pulled it the rest of the way out.  They didn’t think she would ever have children but then she had four:  my two uncles (Charles and Ira) and my Aunt Frances, and then my Mom Jenell .

My Grandady Blue was real mean.  The only time he ever had anything to do with me was when he came out the room to whip me that one day.  I don’t know how Granma put up with him.  She had to have a sense of humor.  Well, she did.  He cheated on her a lot.  But it didn’t seem to bother her much….He’d get his hat and coat and head out the door and she’d say, “Now *there* he goes again. lol lol lol”  One time she went with them!  Yep!  Sat in the back seat when he went on a date!  She said, “Oh no, your not leaving me here ….I’m coming with you.”  (Sounds like something I’d do huh?….I would!).

And then she’d rub vix salve all over my chest at night and put a little under the nose.  That made me feel special.  We’d pray together before I fell asleep.  I wish I could do the same with my daughters.

There was this closet full of boxes of hats she kept over the years…unusual hats from a long time ago.

The bed was a real soft bed and had feather pillows, I believe.  I was more like grandma’s baby and my sister was my mom’s.

She had a rather long , narrow back yard that had a division towards the back where all the fruit trees were.  We had a honey suckle vine on the very back fence and there was a fig tree too and probably peach and plum.  I liked it back there.

My most common memory was when grandma fixed breakfast.  She poached her eggs a lot.  She’d take them and put them on our plates and mash em’ up with a lot of butter. Then there was the coffee…we always had a saucer underneath and the coffee always spilled into the saucer (I think).  Grandady Blue always sat at the table silent and she always catered to him no matter how grumpy he was.

Her hair was black and wavy with a tiny bit of white…she never did go gray.  She’d make us laugh by pushing both her false teeth out at once real fast then they went back in somehow.  She said we were black Dutch (that’s Jewish mixed with African American).  Her nickname was just Dutch.  Her hair used to be real long and wavy from older photos I remember.

My Mom was the youngest but also the wildest.  Grandad Blue whipped her for even talking to a boy, which made her rebell and hate her father.  My Aunt left home at 14, I think, and married…but her situation was probably worse there.  She left because Grandad was so mean.  My two uncles joined the military to get away.

So Mom became the black sheep and so did I for a while.

She was happy….the happiest person I remember and even when put in an old dark nasty nursing home in her later years, she was happy and in love with the Lord.  I’m sure she’s waiting for me in heaven.

When we came to visit when we left she’d stand outside and wave until she could see us no more.  I had a dream that I was dying and I could see grandma waving at the edge of heaven.  Maybe I was dying in my sleep IDK.  My sister had a hold of my heel and pulled me back down to earth.  I wanted to stay up there so bad.

Oh!  And there was a white picket fence (I think it was white) on the right side of the house in the back where she often leaned into and chatted with her neighbor for an hour or so.

When she’d feed the cats she’d yell, “Here kitty kitty kitty kitEE!”  (Her voice would raise at the end).  When she fed the dogs she’d take all the table scraps, dog food, and dish water and smash it up with a potato masher.  That was a sight!  Lets see, what else….???

She put some kind of fruit juice in these butter bowls and freeze it and that would be our homemade icecream.  Uuum.  She was like a garbage disposal….after everyone ate they’re fill she’d eat all the left overs in evyeryone’s plate!  lol

She saved and collected everything.  butter bowls, rubber bands, bread sack twisties!

I helped her put on her panty hose a lot because she couldn’t bend down low enough to do it.  I guess they didn’t shave back in the old days???

I was in love with Alphalfa on the Little rascals and probably jealous of Darla.  She said, “Well one day you’ll get your own Alphalfa.”  I’m still waiting. lol (good one)  But she’s right…probably the Lord but we’ll know for sure some day.

She liked to lay on the sofa and talk on the phone for a long time.  The phones were those black old timey ones.

She read her Bible every night before she fell asleep.  We were always safe when we were with her.  I asked God what her faith was and he showed me, but not without a lot of searchin did I find the truth I know today.

She’d tap her stomach all over where a bubble was and it either come out one end or the other!  Then say unembarrassed, “Well, it’s got to come out one end or the other.”

Grandady Blue was a mess but she finaly did get a sweetheart…Edmund Weller.  He was good to her and good to us, but for some reason he got sad and depressed at the end of his life, especially after Grandma passed.  She passed in 87′.  Oh my, she was my mamma.  It about killed me, I knew it was her time though.  I know where she is.

Won’t be long, grandma, and I’ll see you again.



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