Religion or isolation…..what I learned

It seems no matter where I find myself in religion I have to put up with someone else’s absurdities.  I go to one church and they teach grace and wallow in sin I go to another and Sunday worship is the mark of the beast (you can only worship on Saturdays), another teaches you must have uniforms and drive black vans, another you must have the gift of tongues or you won’t fit in with them……on and on and on it goes.  Then there’s the other side of the puzzle where you withdraw from all organized religion and don’t go anywhere.  You find yourself unable to agree totally with anyone and have decided to just go it alone, read your Bible at home and maybe watch a religious program on TV.  But that poses another problem:  isolation is not the solution.  We are commanded to assemble together with other believers.

I spent many years (about seventeen) outside the church because I was looking for something that didn’t exist.  The fact is people are ridiculous about something no matter where I go and I’m sure I may be ridiculous in someone else’s eyes too.  The beauty of the church is the ability to come together and “receive” or have grace for one another and how can we do that if we’re in isolation.

I guess I’m sort of searching things out right now, trying to find where I belong.  To be honest with you I have found Gods people almost everywhere I’ve gone.  Another thing to consider is how can we be a benefit to another person or help another person in an area if we stay hidden away at home?  Yes, people are absurd but how can we influence them if we keep to ourselves?  We help no one by isolation and no one can help us either.

Just something to think about,






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