If any man lacks wisdom wisdom

When I think of where my search for Truth began I think one of  the first things I did was ask God.  God is faithful to his Word.  He said in James 1:5 that if any man lacks wisdom let him ask of God and he will give it to him.  Wisdom is actually crying in the streets, in the chief places of concorde, in the openings of the gates?  But do any listen?

God wants us to go to him when we have questions.  Many times we want to run to the nearest concordance, or the nearest blog, or the nearest article, or the nearest man (and I did that too) and that hurts God because he wants us to run to him.

Wisdom is out there and available and easy to be found, but does anyone listen?  If you read Proverbs 1:20 you will find that wisdom is trying very hard to make itself known.  Who will listen?

My goal for about the past four months is to start the day with wisdom.  I spend a few minutes just reading about five verses in Proverbs a day, no more.  Proverbs is so rich and packed full of wisdom, I don’t want to rush through it and miss any jewls.





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