Is it me or is anyone else annoyed by the t.v., radio, faithless, hard heartedness today?

While I sit trying to type this I have to endure gunshots coming from the t.v.  Before this show came on there was another that involved killing, and the one before that.  Every show one after another is involved with bloodshed.  Are these like the days of Noah?  When men only thought on  evil continually?

I try to tell people there is more to life than all this noise and chaous.  People stare at their TV’s all day.  They don’t hear you when you talk.  They don’t respond to your questions.  There is no conversation, except when there’s a commercial. One of my friends has to have some kind of noise going all the time.  If its not the t.v. it’s the radio as soon as you sit down to drive.  You can’t have a conversation.  Is it just me but do others experience this?

Maybe we’re living like they lived in the days of Noah.  Just a thought.



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