Learning the Truth

In about the year 97′ I and X spouse of mine desired to start meeting in the home.  Why?  Because our questions were not answered in mainstream religion.  In fact, we were ridiculed for even asking questions.  They put a guilt trip on us telling us how busy they were and how much we were taking up their time and as one preacher put it, “No one has ever questioned me!  Who do you think you are?!”  That’s when we really realized we were being deceived.  So we left and started meeting in the home.

At first I objected to the meetings, afraid of the set in stone doctrines that were being challenged by these new friends of ours.  First, they challenged the “once-saved-always-saved” lie.  Showed me in scripture that it is a lie.  It hurt,  real bad-to face this Truth, but they were right.  It was a husband and his sister and his wife and one little girl we started meeting with.  The man showed me in scripture that verse that says, “The soul that sinneth it shall die.”

There are some out there that claim that nothing could possibly cause them to loose their salvation.  One man even went as far to say he could get the mark of the beast all over his body, even ingest it and he would *still* be saved.  How ludicrous!  Sure we are saved by grace but we are warned about walking all over the son of God in Hebrews!  So many take God’s grace and make a mockery of it, claiming they can do whatever they want-we’re still in God’s hand.  Nothing could be further from the Truth!

After they challenged that doctrine I became very concerned and went to my Bible to see if it were true-to see if we could loose our salvation.  Just reading Hebrews slowly and thoughtfully and reading Romans the same way helped me to understand. Grace is not a license to sin.  Grace is a gift of God that we can use to give us power to overcome!  Grace is the fact that God would send us his own son and through his blood and the atonement and through the Holy Spirit we *CAN* live a decent, holy life and be free from sin.  Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!  Without you  nothing would be possible.

Also, we learned that keeping God’s commandments are necessary and even expected by God.  Jesus said, “he that loves me will keep my commandments.”  Are we going to mess up?  Sure we will.  Does that mean we must live a life of disobedience because we will mess up?  No.  We have a choice.  We can either walk in the Spirit and choose to obey or we can walk in the flesh and choose to disobey and that will lead to death.  It’s our choice.  It’s my choice right now.  I choose to obey and live.  What about you?

There are so many lies out there that Satan uses to keep us from the Truth.  Let us “prove all things and hold fast that which is good.”, as the scripture says.  I had to go to God and ask him to show me who he really was.  I had to wipe the slate clean and relearn everything.  I begged God to please show me who He really is and he showed me.  I pray that you will do the same if you are struggling with doubts and confusion.  God is waiting for you to call out to him.



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