Learning more Truth after my first marriage

I got married in the Spring of 92′. Before this I never questioned what I was taught just settled on thinking I would never know if I were saved and that I would always be depressed. I also got back into the world and lived an Ungodly life because I was just so disillusioned by the church I had known. People just weren’t kind, especially those who ran the church.

Years after being lost in the world and having no direction about my life and having two children out of wedlock I decided to give religion another try. I went back to church, again a Baptist church. I had no car and a young man who was interested in me came to pick me up for church every Sunday. He also started coming to my house for lunch every day before work. I knew I was going to marry him. He soon asked me to marry him about our second date. I thought it was odd that he was so quick to pop the question but happy about it at the same time. I loved him, to be sure. He was charming and funny and I enjoyed his company and he talked enough for both of us. I assumed he loved me.

Shortly after we married he challenged the set in stone doctrine of the rapture or pre tribulation rapture. At first I argued with him, but then became excited about the possibility of maybe the Baptists being wrong about this doctrine. He showed me some verses that really opened my eyes and made me reconsider what I had been taught. When we asked the pastor about it on Wednesday night question and answer time it was thrown back in our face and told, “Well that would be a good thing for you to study.”, avoiding the questions altogether.

We tried other Baptist churches and got similar responces from these pastors too. We began to realize that we were in religion. We began to think, “Well if they have this wrong, what else did they have wrong?” Little did we know they had a whole lot wrong

After our first child together we moved to a little town in W. Texas that my husband’s parents lived in. We totally withdrew from the Baptist church and started planning on having some Bible studies in the home. I was a little afraid because we met some people who were very thought provoking and it sent me to God’s Word to see if what they were telling us was the Truth or not. Come to find out much of what they were telling us was indeed the Truth. More on what we learned from them in my next post.


4 thoughts on “Learning more Truth after my first marriage

  1. I had a similar experience – what I was hearing from the church did not match up with what I was reading in the bible. Actually, that’s why I started writing a blog. Good luck on your journey of truth.

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