My naive beginnings with religion…

The first person who ever talked to me about religion was my grandmother.  I was laying in bed one night and she came to tuck me in and said that prayer with me:  “Now I lay me down to sleep…”.  I don’t remember what I asked that night but she responded by saying, ” Your sister is not at the age of accountability yet but you are.”  Age of accountability?  Find that in the Bible.  What I learned from reading the Bible is the unbelieving spouse is sanctified by the believing spouse, and so are the children.  I know, it goes against all that we’ve been told all our lives but I see no age of accountability in the Bible.
I didn’t care about my soul until I was about seven or eight when I listened on purpose in church one day.  There was an alter call and I went forward.  It was at the local Baptist church.  I told the lady at the alter that I wanted to be saved, and I was serious.  She asked me if I had ever done this before and I said yes, remembering a time when I was younger and a friend down the street told me about “salvation” but I thought it was a game and laughed.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but I went through the motions and I guess prayed at the end, laughing as I did it.  My guess is that Baptist church probably had a lot of kids “getting saved” over and over, them probably being smarter than the adults.

I did not care about salvation or God again until I was fourteen.  Mamma started going to church and asked us to go.  Up until now I was basicly drinking, messing around, being mean to my sister and others, and smoking pot.  I had no desire to be saved or change.

Then one day I stood infrunt of the apartments we lived in thinking, “You know, this type of life is going to lead you to hell.”  Or was it God talking to me in that “still small voice”?  I suddenly decided I needed to change my ways and start going to church with mama.  She was attending a little charusmatic church and I was suddenly there every time the doors were open.  The pastor talked to me and asked that question:  “Are you saved?”   I lied and said “yes”, too embarrassed to admit I was not.

About that time mama wanted to send me away to my cousin’s in New Mexico who pastorred a Baptist church there.  I agreed to go, just to get out of her house because it wasn’t a home.

I had no friends there in Texas at school; in fact, I had the meanest girls in school after me because I called some guy’s mom the B word.  I thought they were going to kill me too, so I left and went to live with my cousins in New Mexico and there I started to be indoctrinated with the Baptist faith.

Next time I write I’m going to write the doctrine they introduced me to.  It will be a few days so keep checking back.  This is enough for now, maybe enough to get you curious.


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